Human-in-the-Loop Automation with AI Security Copilot

Amplifier brings together data from your best-of-breed security tools, and using AI-powered personalized engagements, it helps employees understand the impact of their security gaps to orchestrate a self-healing security ecosystem.

For Security & IT Teams:

Frees your teams to focus on their most valuable work by automating routine security and operations tasks.

For Employees:

Empowers you to to resolve security issues without Security or IT involvement.

Triage security tool alerts by closing the loop with end-users for true vs. false positives before taking disruptive actions.

Enables you to schedule security tasks, so you can take action at a time that works for you.

Quit spreadsheets, homegrown dashboards and chasing employees for the never-ending quest of 100% tooling coverage.

Provides clear directions and answers any questions to break down cryptic security issues.

Works 24x7 to respect users’ intelligence and empathy while giving them a chance to take action

Brings a sense of humor to make security engaging and fun.


Maximize the value of your security stack, offload manual IT security tasks and amplify your security health and culture to levels not achievable in the past.

Amplifier - Security Data Fabric

Security Data Fabric

Builds a single source of truth for each employee with their usage & posture across security tools.

Out-of-the-box integrations with all your existing security tools to ingest data in any format from any source.

Creates security knowledge graph from real-time normalized data which is otherwise hard to triangulate across multiple sources.

Security Hub

View gaps and enforce 100% security tooling coverage across every employee and their endpoints to prevent breaches.

Contextualizes and prioritizes security risks and vulnerabilities to translate findings into actionable remediation engagements.

Presents a comprehensive picture of security health through intuitive, personalized scores and dashboards for individuals, department leaders and security teams.

Use natural language to research security findings across all tools in one place by severity, issue type, user role and activity to identify and engage high-risk individuals.

Amplifier Security : Workforce Security Hub
Ampy - Your AI Security Buddy

Ampy - Your AI Security Buddy

Helps employees understand their risk from security findings and empowers them to improve their security stance.

Engages employees in human-friendly ways on behalf of security teams, delivering empathetic, on-tone, collaborative messages that inspire action.

Provides context, instructions and ability to ask clarifying questions via two-way conversational interactions that are meaningful — and funny.

Engagement Studio

Design and manage end-user engagements through modern AI-based interfaces as a unique alternative to no-code workflows.

Highly extensible platform that plugs into every tool you have, whether for discovering security findings or taking remediation actions.

Create custom messaging, resolution time schedules & windows, and reminder cadences based on employee role & type of findings.

Amplifier Security Engagement Studio


Offload Manual IT Security Tasks

Offload Manual Work

Saves countless hours of manual work to correlate data in spreadsheets, chasing down employees to triage alerts and getting users to maintain their security tooling hygiene.

Improve Operational Security Health

Improve Operational Security Health

Helps every CISO, their security teams, departmental leaders and individuals understand their security posture to maximize ROI and effectiveness of existing security tools.

Faster MTTR

Faster MTTR

Resolve security issues at record speed and reduce risk by quicker alert triaging, by engaging employees where they work every day without harming productivity.

Amplifier - Amp Up Your Security Culture

Amp Up Your Security Culture

Enable self-healing security actions for common pain points, so that every level of the business engages more proactively with the security team—and has fun doing it!