Modern Security Practitioner Sound Bites

"Delivering the signal over the noise of alerts, notifications & actions to users is problematic"

“There’s a story behind the logs that you don’t see unless you talk to the user - it’s so powerful. Amplifier now allows us to interact with people efficiently.”

“The intelligence that comes with human intuition and quick decision making is the value of human-in-the-loop. It informs your existing security processes.”

“Security practitioners don’t have the bandwidth or skill sets to engage with end users because those are hard conversations to have at scale.”

“Empowering the user to help us decide whether something is a threat or not - that’s a big and great approach.”

“If you trust people and you’re transparent about why it matters, it empowers them to be able to do the right thing. When you can build in automation and the human element too, it’s the best of both worlds.”

“Biggest challenge with security automation is that we’ve taken a blunt hammer approach. What needs to be automated is to give users the information to make decisions for self service and empowerment.”

“Including humans by letting them know & fix the risk they are creating for the organization when their security tools are inoperational, leads to a much better security posture & faster MTTR.”

"Keeping the human element in your security is a very important way to engage people and the reasoning behind why security is an important practice."

“Keeping the factor of human-in-the-loop so the automation can learn and improve based on the fifty user personas in an organization is the right way.”