Solve your critical workforce security issues with Ampy and loop in humans

Enforce Security Tooling Coverage

Enforce Security Tooling Coverage

Missing endpoint management, inactive security agents, weak MFA factors, and the list goes on  -- getting 90%+ coverage of all your security tools across your workforce can feel like herding cats. All that just for basic user security hygiene.

Amplifier enables you to enforce 100% security tooling coverage at all times, including any tool specific attributes you want to track. See real-time tooling gaps and automatically engage IT or employees to help understand the risk and fix it.

Fix Endpoint Vulnerabilities 

Amplifier - Fix Endpoint Vulnerabilities comic

Vulnerability patching is like a never-ending game of whac-a-mole. And when installing a patch interrupts productivity, employees often won’t do it.

With Amplifier, your workforce embraces the patching game. Ampy works with employees to schedule updates at their convenient time, always explaining the why with empathy and answering questions, so vulnerabilities get fixed without your team having to lift a finger.

Triage And Remediate Security Alerts With Confidence

Amplifier - Triage And Remediate Security Alerts With Confidence comic

You love your security tech stack. But it sure does generate a lot of alerts — alerts that you and your employees have probably developed a muscle to ignore. That's because it's hard to triage and remediate alerts with 100% certainty and confidence.

Ampy applies context about alert criticality and user role to engage the relevant user in a timely way for triaging and self-resolution. Ampy works 24x7 even when you sleep, so you can still be in control of all your security automations while letting employees have their productivity.